Sunday, June 26, 2011

No Distinction

I saw my best friend for the first time in nearly a month today.  She literally could not stop staring at me.  She kept saying, "You're so tiny!"  The last time she saw me I was 152 or so.  So I guess me at 138 makes a big difference.  The mirror shows no distinction.  200lb Alex is 174lb Alex is 169lb Alex is 150lb Alex is 138lb Alex.


The fat thighs in the back right are me.  Fuck.  I'm going crazy here.  Not tiny.  Not tiny at all.  Fatfatfatfatfatfatfat.  Shape up, Alex.  Count calories.  Why did you ever think you couldn't?  Breaks are for skinny people.

I remade my tumblr, because I missed it so much.  Considered posting it here, but I won't for anonymity issues.  Email me if you want to follow or whatever.  I don't even care about anything at this point.  I just want a fag.


  1. Apples to apples is so goddamn fun. You will lose girly. Be patient. The more patience you have, the less likely you are to binge or fall. much love

  2. You are shrinking, even if you can't see it and if you stick at it eventually you will see how tiny you have got :) it just takes time :)
    Lottie x

  3. You wiil be thin Alex!
    Just keep going and work hard.
    Stay Strong.

  4. " 200lb Alex is 174lb Alex is 169lb Alex is 150lb Alex is 138lb Alex. "

    Story of my life right there :(

  5. I have never played Apples to Apples. Must be a British game. lol.

    And obviously you ARE losing weight, and you're doing a great job. I mean, 15 pound in a month? Fucking AMAZING.