Thursday, June 16, 2011

Less Cute

I broke things off with the blue-haired boy just a couple hours after our date-thing.  He's nice and all, but I just couldn't handle it.  He seemed to really like me.  It wasn't fair that I didn't give a shit about him one way or the other.  Besides, the whole time I couldn't forget about T.  My head was just rushing.   T is a better kisser.  T is smarter.  T is more ambitious.  T is smoother.  T smells better.  T tastes better.  T is funnier.  T actually makes me smile.  TTTTTTTTTTTTTT.

Less Cute-Say Anything
And now he's next to me
And I can feel you in my heart
You're everything
You're everything he'll never be
It's misery
He's like a less cute version of you
But he'll have to do
He's like a Wal-mart version of you
But he'll have to do
He'll have to do

140.5.  Math test.  Life sucks, and I want to go home.


  1. I <3 Say Anything!
    I am sorry that you are going through this rough patch right now, but things will get better, I promise!
    We are all here for you and we all believe in you.
    Best of luck on your final! :)
    Stay positive, stay beautiful! <3

  2. Sorry sug, I am sure it'll improve :(. You did the right thing with the boy though, it is good to see people acting fair and responsible in relation to others feelings. It will pass, things will be better!

  3. it takes time to get over people that had a big impact on your life. it will get better though =]

  4. You're gonna hit the 139's in no time!
    I really am sorry about that. >__< Like escape artist says, it does take time to get over the people that impacted you. :'(
    Hahaha. I'm not a big fan of Say Anything to be honest. :')
    I actually knew a girl that looked like that in the pic. She was the skinniest thing I've ever seen to be honest. Had strong dolly like legs...all I know is that I want to be thinner than her. I want to be so thin she'd call ME thin. :'/