Sunday, June 12, 2011

Healthy BMI :)

The rest of the period bloat is officially gone, leaving me at... 141 POUNDS!  I'm still a whale, still a chunk, still a lardass, still a pig, but I'm a whale-chunk-lardass-pig with a healthy BMI.  I honestly can't remember ever having a healthy BMI in my life.  I mean, I know in the beginning I was just a kid, but as I got older there was no excuse anymore.  I'm glad I've finally taken my life into my own hands.

I'm losing my hourglass, which is just sad.  I'm really more of a pear-shape now, which I've always considered kind of unattractive.  My ass is nice enough for my size, but my thighs are enormous.  I can see that deep under all the layers of fat, there's a good bit of definition there, but it's all hidden by these disgusting yellow blobs of lard.  Does anyone have any special exercises they like to do for their thighs?  I need all the help I can get.

I hope you all have lovely mornings :)


  1. here you go:
    i came across this a while ago, i hope that it helps you too :)

  2. Hello from a new follower! :)
    It is so wonderful to hear that you have a healthy BMI now!
    I cannot wait to hit that mark, myself!
    I can definitely relate to the bit about your thighs.
    It seems like every bit of my body is shrinking except for those, haha!
    It is frustrating, indeed.
    But hopefully one day, they will go away!
    I hope today goes wonderfully for you; you deserve it!
    Hang in there and stay strong love! <3

  3. Oh wow! Congrats! I know the feeling; I never had one until I reached it (it seems months ago now). I'm an hourglass too but I think I've kept my shape; I want my thighs to shrink too. I like the size of my bum but my thighs make it all look awful :( <3 xx

  4. congrats!!!! the pear shape is the start of everything else slimming down luv good luck n stay beautiful ! xoxo