Saturday, June 11, 2011

Diet Pills and College Degrees

I dropped one and a half pounds overnight.  Not sure how that happened, because I wasn't restricting any more than usual.  I did spend about ten more minutes at the gym, but that shouldn't make some huge difference.  So 144.5.  It's probably just water weight, but I'm determined to make this loss stick.  Perhaps it's because I started taking both Mega-T pills a day, instead of just one.  Whatever it was, I am grateful.  I don't want to eat and screw it up, but I'll have to eventually.  I plan on spending most of the day in the laundry room, so that'll help.

Things here are not as bad as they were.  I still hate this school.  If I had to actually attend for my four years of college... well, I would almost rather not go to college.  And that's something big, because I come from a family where a higher education--and a professional degree or two--is not an option.  My dad has three masters degrees.  My Opa had a PhD.  My mom had a masters, and most of another.  Etc, etc, etc.  I'm expected to obtain my Psy.D, since that's my chosen profession.  It seems like a lot of pressure, but it's not. I can do it.  I just need the right school, and that is certainly not here.

I passed seventy followers.  You all have no idea how grateful I am for each one of you.  Your support makes all of this a little easier.  Thank you <3


  1. surprised i haven't found your blog before now. i hope you find the right school. the right school makes everything so much easier.

  2. I agree with Ivy. You need a degree nowadays to get anywhere. And it's good you're so headstrong on getting your degree. If you don't like your school, maybe if you talk to your parents about a transfer they wouldn't be so unwilling.

    Good job on the weight loss!