Thursday, June 9, 2011


I almost cried this morning when I stepped on the scale.  I "magically" gained 2.5 pounds overnight while still restricting.  Then I saw that Mother Nature left me her "gift."  Fucking periods.  I want mine to stop.  But that won't happen for quite some time.  I'm too much of a whale.

Still.  Those are 2.5 pounds that I need to lose (again).  I want to start running again, but I'm really worried about my heart.  Whenever I try to run, my palpitations start up again and it becomes too painful to continue.  Other forms of exercise, like the elliptical or other machines, don't hurt in the same way.  But still.  Running is my first exercise love.  I want it back.

To eat breakfast or not to eat breakfast.  The eternal debate.  I think I'm going to actually start taking two Mega-T pills a day.  That's the recommended dose, but it screws with my sleep.  Who gives a fuck... I'd rather be tired and thin than well-rested and fat.


  1. Wow that's really crazy, and scary. Your heart I mean. It would freak me out if I had that. Isn't caffeine bad for palpitations too?

  2. i get palpitations's really important to get proper sleep and keep your electrolytes in balance. (hi by the way, just added your blog =])

    drinking plenty of water and keeping caffeine to a minimum should really help. and staying in an optimum heart rate range while exercising should alleviate the during-activity palpitations.

    no fun though, take care of that heart! (fish oil!)