Friday, April 8, 2011


Got home from school and binged on a cup of yellow rice (~200).  Tried to purge it up, but nothing came out.  Anyone else have trouble getting up bread products?  Any tips?  So SGD is a bust again today.  Fuckitall.  My personal rule with diets is that if I break them three days in a row, I have to start over.  I hope that doesn't happen.

Tonight includes dinner with A and her best friend, which will suck.  Oh don't get me wrong, I'll enjoy their company, but the food.  Meh.  I broke the plateau today, so I'm down one pound.  I doubt it after tonight.  I was planning on cooking this mushroom soup recipe I found (51 cals a cup), but instead I'll fast tomorrow.  Or maybe I can make it a liquid fast and fast on that soup.  I think that'd work.  But ugh.  I feel like shit right now.  Sorry to be so negative all the time, lovelies.  I'm so hard on myself, and I think it comes out way too much.

@Rowan - Writing as if you'd already binged sounds like a wonderful idea.  I might have to try that sometime.

@heiscertainlyworthit - I'm sorry if my post was triggering in any way.


  1. I've never purged, but I'm sure you already knew that drinking water before eating is important. Congrats on breaking the plateau! I think I'm currently at a plateau. Don't be too hard on yourself, you're doing amazing! <3

  2. I could never ever purge - I've always found laxatives my way - though bad... =/

    bah - same here - today was a meh with food for me!

    I say fast on the soup - filling... yet low in cals!