Monday, April 4, 2011

Hungry, Hungry Hippo

Despite a substantial breakfast (2 pieces light toast with honey), I was dizzy and shaky all day today.  I had eaten, so I didn't even connect it with hunger.  I thought I was genuinely sick, until at lunchtime when I ate my cup of soup and felt instantly better.  I am weak.  Pathetic.  Yesterday was a 650 calorie day, too.  The scale was up half a pound this morning because of it.  What is wrong with me?

I'm still hungry.  After school I had an orange and a cup of peppermint tea, but my stomach still growls.  I hate this.  I am a slave to gluttony.  I will run to punish my weak body.  It must learn that it is not in control.  This is a mind game, and I will win.


  1. hey, be careful okay? I know you want this really bad, but don't go too far. If you go too hard on yourself now it will only make the binge 10x worse. I applaud your constitution, but don't do anything to hurt yourself or your dream.

    lots of love and support,

  2. All your foods were healthy so that's good! Stay strong sweetie! :)

  3. They were all health foods, don't go too hard on yourself! :)
    Stay strong,
    Lottie x