Tuesday, April 5, 2011

SGD Day 9

I'm getting so close to my first goal weight I can taste it.  Just five more pounds.  I should be halfway there by the end of the week.  I can't decide what I want my reward to be, though.  I'll either get myself a pretty new food journal because my old one is falling apart, or I'll get an armband for my iPod for running.  Hmm.  What do you guys think?

I'm doing well today.  Better than yesterday.  Although I did have one scary moment at lunch.  T asked me what I was having for lunch.  I told him that I'd already eaten an orange before he sat down.  He gave me a not this shit again look.  "You need to eat more than that," he said.  "It's not healthy."  I argued that an orange was perfectly healthy.  Then he gave me the whole, "You need to eat more to keep your metabolism high" speech.  To pacify him, I ate the banana I had planned to eat at debate practice.  Whatever.  Fruits and veggies don't count on the SGD, so I'm not all that concerned.  I was really nervous that he was about to make me eat his fries.  He's done that before, and it ended up with me almost getting caught puking in the bathroom.  Not a pretty situation.  I need to learn to purge quietly.


  1. i hate when people tell you cutting calories is not healthy and you need to eat to keep your metabolism up, it seriously drives me insane haha, I personally would go for the food journal, new journals always get me so excited haha

    stay strong good luck making your goal

  2. Congrats for being very close to your goal weight!! :) I think you should choose the food journal! I love pretty journals because they motivate me to write in them. Stay strong, you're almost there! :)

  3. Love, that's amazing news that you're so close to your goal weight!! You can do it, I believe in you :) You're really good in tempting situations, I see; I wish I was so strong.

    Best of luck to you tomorrow!!!


  4. its so awesome that you are so close to your goal weight! its really inspiring!
    and i hate when people try to make me eat more, i mean most of my friends know about me, and some of them are even the same, but the ones who dont get always try to get me to eat more

  5. armband! :) but i say that because I badly want to get one too. stay strong, you're so close!

  6. Yay good luck with getting there! I'm sending you skinnies, you can do it <3
    And there's nothing wrong with fruit for lunch. Monday I had an apple and a banana. Tell T that maybe you don't feel well and fruit is the only thing that you feel won't upset your stomach? When I'm ill this does happen so it isn't a full fib :P xx