Friday, April 1, 2011

Early Morning

It's 6:30, and I'm posting instead of eating breakfast.  There's another debate tournament this weekend, and that means lots of delicious nasty, fatty foods.  We'll be eating out every meal.  I just know I'll go over on calories.  I really really really hope we don't stop at another burger place for lunch.  I always get strange looks for ordering a salad.  A's mother has an eating disorder, so luckily she doesn't see my behavior as strange, just part of life.  But despite my efforts to eat normally, I'll always let something slip.

Like yesterday, a few of us were discussing favorite junk foods.

Guy: Oh my God, you know what I love?  Butter on the back of poptarts.  So.freaking.good.
Skinny Bitch: I thought I was the only one who did that!  They're so good!
Guy 2: Why would you butter a poptart?  It adds nothing to the flavor.
Me: Why would you even eat a poptart?  You do know that there are 800 calories in a pack, right?
Guy 2: How would you even know how many calories are in a pack of poptarts?
Me: How would you not?
Skinny Bitch: Lol, I don't count calories.

I have to be more careful.  I'm still fat, so no one would ever suspect anything.  But I have to get shit under control, and look like everything's fine.  Well, I have to go pack my toiletries, so wish me luck this weekend, guys.


  1. I used to love poptarts until i realised how many calories are in there. I decided they weren't worth it.. I love your hipbones by the way. Mine still don't show yet, but I'm on my way there!

  2. skinnyfuckingbitch. She needs to quiet. I have moments like that too. Who eats poptarts anyway? When I read the butter part I real really grossed out. Butter on a candy breakfast? eww. Sending you skinnies darling

  3. Could never eat a whole PopTart, myself. Too sweet. Boyfriend loves them, though. Now that I know how many calories are in them, I will NOT be accepting a corner from him.

    Guh, am I the only one that almost barfed when I read about the combination of those sweet toasted monstrosities and BUTTER?! People eat the most disgusting things.

  4. Lots and lots of luck! and ignore the skinny bitch. I hate those people, hate hate hate. Stay strong xx

  5. I like poptarts but with butter?! that sounds so gross!!! I bet she does count calories, I reckon she said that because there were guys there so it didn't make her look like she diets or anything- no offence if you read this as because you know it shows you do or anything cause that's not what I'm saying. Just saying I bet she does but didn't say :P xx