Monday, April 18, 2011

Where's your vigor?

Rotary luncheon kind of sucked today, as I knew it would.  I stood there in my lovely new dress, and felt no pride in my accomplishments.  I just felt fat.  The entire lunch, I battled feelings of loneliness and rejection because T was at my table and barely said a word to me.  I shouldn't be surprised; he barely talks to me anymore anyway.  But still.  I looked the nicest I've ever looked around him, and all he did was tease me because I couldn't keep up with his long strides in my heels.

We were walking to the busses, not talking as usual, when he blessed me with a few of us precious words. "Where's your vigor?" he said.

I looked down at my heels.  "Gone," I said, watching my dainty, lady-like steps.  "Dead."

"Get it back," he replied.  Then, he ran off to join his new best friend, the girl I've always been jealous of his close relationship with.

Maybe if I were thin, he would love me again?


  1. I'm sure you looked lovely, just hang in there and remember if you stay focused success is just a matter of time. <3 I'm sorry you feel so down, but remember things always get better. <3 We're here for you! Sending lots of love and hugs, feel better. xoxox

  2. Let that be your motivation :)