Thursday, April 7, 2011

I hate restaurants.

Ugh.  Dinner with the family, and I had this garden quesadilla which I'm estimating (high) at 600.  Today was a 500 day on the SGD, but I had a 210 cal breakfast.  I could live with the damage, except the meal sent me into full-blown binge mode.  I'm confining myself to my room.  But food.  I want food.  Ice cream.  Toast with nutella.  Peanut butter.  Bowls upon bowls upon bowls of cereal.  Moon pies.  Marshmallows.  Chocolate bars.  Full fat hot chocolate.  Gallons of milk.  Twix bar after Twix bar.  Bananas covered in chocolate.  Cupcakes.  Scones.  Giant blueberry muffins.

I'm sorry about listing all the food.  It just helps me get the cravings out.  I will eat nothing more.  I've already had two liters of water, but I'm aiming for half a liter more.  Maybe this will get me off this dreaded plateau.  Oh, I hope so.

Edit: Added up the total intake for today.  Just over 1000.  I don't feel quite as guilty anymore, although it's still much too high.  And the urge to binge has gone.  Totally blew the SGD today, but oh well.  Tomorrow is a new day.

I will be stronger for this.


  1. I would love to binge on all of those things (though I don't know what a moon pie is, I'm assuming it must be delicious) with you!! Writing about them helps so much, I totally understand. Sometimes I type up an entry as if I was confessing to having eaten them, it makes me go, "Omg I must not do this!" Blogger is such a great thing. Sorry about your intake but you'll get there, stay strong and don't give up on yourself! We're always stronger than we know. <3 <3 <3 Sending love and skinnies.

  2. I'm in the same spot as you girly - today has been a binge day - but I know we can do better... You got this... <3 x Here if you need me.

  3. Hi there, I'm Emma.. new follower :)

    That list... :'(
    Stay strong xx