Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Zoo

Today was the field trip to the zoo.  Honestly, I couldn't have cared less about the zoo.  I just wanted to spend an entire day with T.  We haven't done that in so long.  On the bus ride there and back, he let me sleep on his shoulder, and one time I even woke up to find his head resting on mine.  Little moments like that just don't happen anymore, and they make me all warm and fuzzy inside when they do.  I know he still has feelings for me; he's said so himself.  And neither of us are interested in anyone else yet, so why shouldn't we kiss goodbye?  I feel like I'm setting myself up for more heartbreak, but right now, things feel right.

I did a lot of walking today.  I wore my dad's pedometer, and it said over seven miles.  Most of it was at a moderate/brisk pace, so that's about 670 calories, just spent enjoying time with T.  Why can't every day be like this?  Intake was a little high, which is to be expected when eating out.  942 for the day if I don't eat anything else.  So that's a net of 272 for the day.  Go me.  I'm really craving some chocolate or some peanut butter, but I think I'll just go look at some thinspo and stay strong.

Have a lovely night, girls <3

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