Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Today's intake has been pretty decent.  I made these vegetarian spinach and mushroom enchiladas for dinner.  They were surprisingly low cal, and absolutely delicious.  In fact, the only significant calories came from the tortilla itself and the cheese, which could easily be omitted.  The only other ingredients were Ragu light (50 cal for 1/2 cup), baby spinach (20 for 1/2 cup), mushrooms (15 cal for a cup), and chickpeas (150 cal for 1/2 cup).  And of course, since those made up the filling, there were minimal amounts of each ingredient in each enchilada.  I love cooking because then I know everything that's in my food, and I can make it as low cal as I want.

Banana: 105
2 cups yellow rice w/ grilled veggies: ~320
Spinach and mushroom enchilada: ~300

15 minutes of light calisthenics

If I get hungry later, I'll just have a popsicle (30).  It's not the best intake imaginable.  But it's progress.  I'm really nervous for Friday.  My little sister's birthday is coming up, which means pizza and cake.  Blegh.  I'll have to find some way out of those.

Just a bit of thinspiration.

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  1. You are going absolutely amazingly well!
    Maybe for your sister's birthday you could say that you're feeling a bit squirmish and don't think you could stomach both cake and pizza, for example, have a light salad instead of the pizza and then a slice of cake so that it isn't too sucpicious?
    Just an idea :)
    Love Anafly