Thursday, March 31, 2011

Food Cravings

Fit the calorie limit today, so no complaints there.  But I'm literally craving everything bad in the book.  I want Twinkies.  A moon pie.  Chocolate.  Graham crackers.  Nutella.  Bread.  God, I miss bread.  It's been days since I had a slice.  I just can't work it into my daily caloric limit.  I was going to have a piece of dry toast tonight, but a friend made cupcakes, and for some reason, I had one.  It was small, and insignificant, but I could have had a piece of goddamn bread instead.  And soup.  I want soup.  Stupid fucking cupcake.

Something bad happened to someone in T's family.  I don't know who or what.  He posted a brief status about it but hasn't answered my texts.  I'm really fucking worried.  If you're the praying type, I'd appreciate it.  I'm not myself, but I always pray anyway.  I guess I can't escape my Christian upbringing, even if I don't believe in any of it anymore.

The plan for tomorrow is to focus on the positive, pray for T and his family, eat less, and do awesome at my speech events.  Right.  Right.  Ugh.  Panic.

Update: The situation with T has been resolved.  No one was hurt.  Just a clusterfuck of drama.  I'm so relieved, but I still feel sick and my heart is still racing.  I think I'll post some thinspo to calm myself down.

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  1. I hope everything works out for T and his family. I'll keep a good thought for them, too.