Friday, March 11, 2011

Hello, there.

I suppose that much like the rest of my generation, I'm narcissistic to a fault.  I've been blogging through various sites since I was thirteen, and now at seventeen, I feel empty without one.  I started on xanga, and had two very popular blogs there.  I quit that and moved to tumblr, which I enjoyed very much.  Each of my blogs were very special to me, but I had to quit for personal reasons.

I don't plan on sharing this blog with anyone.  I can't keep my mouth shut anymore, but I don't trust anyone.  I don't trust my friends.  I barely trust my therapist.  I certainly don't trust my father.  So who better to confide in than complete strangers?  Yeah...

This will probably end up as a pro-ana blog.  I am not anorexic.  I am not bulimic.  But my eating patterns certainly cannot be described as normal.  I joined blogger primarily to follow pro-ana sites.  

So yes, this is me.  And I can't say I'm very proud of what I see.

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