Thursday, March 17, 2011

Let them eat cake.

E is back from New York City.  I'm so glad.  I missed her so much.  And A is back from Atlanta.  I spent the day with E, which was nice.  I needed some human interaction after the long, boring week I've had.  Unfortunately, we ate all day.  I'm afraid to total up the damage.  We made rainbow cupcakes, which ordinarily I used to love.  And I won't lie.  I still do.  But they're just so awful for you.  Luckily, we made them diet.  Did you know that instead of using oil, water, and eggs in cake mix, you can use a can of diet sprite?  It tastes just as good, and even stays moist longer.  One cupcake is about 70 calories.  We made them in this super mini pan, so each cupcake was around a fifth the size of a regular cupcake.  So I'd say they're 15 cals a piece?  And I ate five or six, and some of the batter.  All of that wouldn't be so bad, but then we went out for Mexican.  Ugh.  Mushroom quesidilla, and that had cheese in it.  So I don't even want to know.  Like, 500?  Fat, fat, fat.

Now, I'm baking AGAIN.  My little sister wants her cake at midnight, so guess who has to stay up and bake?  And of course, I'll be a bad sister if I don't indulge.  To purge or not to purge?  That is the question. I can never do it quietly, and my sister and I have a Jack-and-Jill bathroom, which means we share a toilet and shower.  Maybe the downstairs bathroom?  I don't know...

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  1. Love the cake tip- I will totally be trying that when I get back from uni!