Tuesday, March 22, 2011

When You're Through Thinking, Say Yes

Yellowcard's new album is perfect.  The end.

I got home from therapy about an hour ago.  It was a pretty decent session.  We talked a lot about the stress I'm under, that I put myself under.  She seemed a bit concerned about how much I've been working out, but I told her that it was just to cover my anxiety issues.  Running really does keep my anxiety level down, but I love watching the little calorie ticker go up as I press on.

I think I have a new favorite meal plan for the day.  Breakfast is a cup of Special K with 1% milk.  Lunch is a green apple, with celery sticks to munch on throughout the school day.  Dinner is a salad with 1 cal per spray dressing.  Overall, that's 395 for the day.  I think this plan will work for me.  I feel a little hungry, but that'll go away when I run.

Tomorrow, my intake will be shot to hell.  My school's science club will be going to the zoo in a nearby city.  I'm really excited for the break from school, and for T to be there.  But I'm worried about the kind of food that'll be there.  I'm guessing it'll be pizzas and hotdogs and chicken nuggets and other calorie laden little morsels.  Hopefully they'll have a salad because I can't get away with not eating.  T watches me too closely.

Edit: I'm dying for a bit of peanut butter, but my intake today is so great, I don't think I want to risk it.

Okay, so seven facts about myself.

1.  I have major depressive disorder and general anxiety disorder.  I was diagnosed with Bipolar II for a couple years, but that was revoked a couple months ago.
2.  I have trouble listening to music.  It makes me feel too much.
3.  Almost everything I've learned, National Geographic has taught me.
4.  I used to want to be a psychologist until I realized I can't relate to people.  I haven't quite decided what I want to do next.
5.  I have a stuffed blue monkey that I can't sleep without.  I've never named it.
6.  I love to read.  This year, I'm writing down every book I read so I can look over it at the end of the year.
7.  About two months ago, I dyed my hair auburn.  I'm still not sure if I like it.

And now, I nominate:

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Thanks again to Determined Girl and Jackie for nominating me :)  It feels good to be back at blogging after such a long absence, and I'm glad to know I haven't totally lost my touch.

(My current favorite thinspo)

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