Tuesday, May 31, 2011

First Morning at Summer College

It's before seven, and my dorm room is quiet.  I'm rooming with A for the month, and she's softly snoring on the other side of the room.  These dorms are nice.  It's roomy and we get a private bathroom and everything.  It makes me quite happy.

The weight damage from DC wasn't too bad.  2 pounds, and that's to be expected.  I think a good bit of it was my inability to stop munching on the 15 hour car ride home.  I think I'll start the SGD to get back on track today.  The combination of the SGD and being away from home without my favorite foods should be good for me.

First day of classes is tomorrow.  I am so excited.


  1. Good luck with the SGD! You'll do great!

  2. Best of luck to you on your first day of classes tomorrow, darling :) 2 pounds is really not bad, you'll drop them in no time!

    Lots and lots of love,

  3. Two pounds isn't nearly that bad, and most likely, it's all water retention. Diuretics might help with that :)

    And I've contemplated doing the SGD. It would be a great way to ease into the ABC Diet.

    Good luck!!

  4. Good luck with the debating and SGD :) xx

  5. oh good, I'm glad your trip didn't set you back too much weight loss-wise. And yay for nice dorms! I'm so nervous I'll get a crappy dorm room. good luck on your first day of class!